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  1. this was working before but not any more. How to search multiple tags now??
  2. After Evernote automatically updated my evernote app to version 10.9 last week, I can not open any notes on my phone or other android devices any more. And I can not write and save any new notes!!! Having chat with evernote techs many hours yesterday. Still not solve the problems. Can we roll back to old version? its working fine don't know why make this mess!! I as a business version customer have used evernote since 2013, never having the problem until now.
  3. I even bought a new samsung pad to tried - same problem! can not open any notes!!! the only message is " note unavailable - unable to load this note. Please refresh the page or try again later." but I have tried many android devices ( 2 phones 2 pads) all having same issue! even the old notes I have download to the devices before - can not open either! its in the phone but just can not open it - give the same messages: " note unavailable"
  4. after update to 10.9 (its automaticlly updated) all my note can not open!!! I have used evernote for my job since 2013, its worst time now. I have sent request for supports many times get no answer at all. I even bought a new samsung pad to tried - some problem! But I have tried mac ipad it is working. Must have some major bugs in the version 10.9 . before that no any problem.
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