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  1. I just found this thread after running into the bug that the annotation summary is incomplete. To my understanding this is not yet fixed. So let me add my use case and the actual behaviors I expect. Steps to reproduce: Review a document with 500 pages and highlight and/or mark the things I found interesting and/or important. Altogether these are 166 places. Expected behavior: See all places with annotations, allowing me to find the 166 highlights and annotations quickly (i.e., find the "important stuff for me"). Furthermore, I can "search" in my highlighted text and find specific phrases. Actual behavior: Every time I am looking for something I have to browse all 500 pages and may or may not find what I have been looking for. Without being able FIND the places I have highlighted I could as well print it out and use a marker -- when only keeping the highlighted pages this would be superior to the current Evernote implementation!
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