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  1. Great news and thank you for confirming what I had hoped. Now my question is, when I went to subscribe I decided to try the business option to solve 2 things at one since I my business could benefit from the many tools Evernote offers but was then presented the option of creating a new account for business or using my existing email from personal and assigning a different email to my current personal account. So my question is will my personal account maintain the historical data recovery that I am looking for when it is "migrated" to a business account? OR if I provide a new email for business account does that leave the existing personal account as an unpaid version as it is now without the ability to access the historical data and just start a new business account with a clean slate sort of speak?
  2. I use a single note as a single day journal entry and somehow (my cat stepped on keyboard!) backspaced to delete most of my note content. I am not a subscriber yet but was wondering that if I did go to one of the paid versions could I access the note history of a note that I created before subscribing? In other words, when I check the note history for the note in question I receive a message of "Permission denied", so I am assuming and hoping and that the history is in fact stored but just not accessible to non-paid customers but if I subscribe that I could have access to my historical data? Would this be true? Thanks in advance.
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