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  1. I'm used to work with 2-3 notes at the same time. In desktop Evernote app, I can double click on note card and it opens in a new window. In classic web evernote interface there is button to open in a new window and also I can right click on a card and select "open in a new window". Current evernote web interface doesn't have it. Also new pretty web interface doesn't have it. I know that I can right click on tab in Google Chrome, select duplicate, then open the other note, click on button that hides all menus, drag and drop the Chrome tab outside the original window and resize it - and then have the note in separate window - but it is so less convenient then just clicking a button. Please bring this old function of classic web to the new pretty web version - for example put into "..." menu option "new window". Or make double clicking a note card will open it in a new window, just like in desktop app.
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