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  1. Evernote in iOS and Windows can view and annotate the pds directly. In Android it allows annotation in a built-in tool or open the pdf directly with any third party app just by clicking the attachment. None of this options are possible with Boox Note 10.3. The attached pdf has to be downloaded with the menu feature (Save attachment) and open independently with other apps. A direct click on the attachment doesnt work (i hope it will with the Android 9 update).
  2. @Willy Ritch, I finally bought the Boox Note 10.3 and I use it with Evernote. My experience so far (with last firmware and Android 6.0 - it should be updated to 9.0 soon): - Excerpts from Kindle to Evernote: Works (check the video). Not the best option but it works. - Handwriting notes and Evernote: Fail - Handwriting notes with Boox Note App and backup to Evernote as pdf: Works - Annotations on books with the Boox Note Dedault App and synchronization with Evernote: Fail (I use GDrive for that). - Reading pdfs in Evernote app: Fail (I need to download them and read them with other apps) - Basic Evernote use: read and create notes: Works That's my experience so far. I have needed Google Drive and Autosync for Google Drive to have a decent Workflow. I hope when the Android 9 update comes some of these Fails will turn into Works. Chao. PD: sorry, the video should be much smaller ezgif.com-video-to-gif.mp4
  3. Apple Pencil it's amazing, I really have the iPad in the center of my paperless productivity workflow (taking notes continuously, writing, summarizing research papers, online courses...). I want an e-reader to read more disconnected, without distractions. But I want a big screen for the pdfs and Evernote, where I have my research literature. I was thinking to buy the Boox Note Lite, without the note taking feature. But the price is almost the same, so i just decided to go for Boox Note. My two devices approach is: iPad 9.7 + Apple Pencil + Boox Note. Total: less than 1000$.
  4. Thanks a lot for all the information. It is very useful. Well, I have decided to go for the Boox Note 10.3. From Evernote I just want to consume information, not write notes with it (I use iPad for handwriting notes). Thanks a lot.
  5. Hi guys, Could you comment further how is it going with Boox Note and Evernote? I am thinking to buy it. I organize many research papers with evernote, and I would like to search and read them using Evernote in the Boox Note 10.3. Do you think it would work fine for that? Thanks
  6. I would love to have the LiquidText approach with my Evernote notes.
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