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  1. Apple Pencil it's amazing, I really have the iPad in the center of my paperless productivity workflow (taking notes continuously, writing, summarizing research papers, online courses...). I want an e-reader to read more disconnected, without distractions. But I want a big screen for the pdfs and Evernote, where I have my research literature. I was thinking to buy the Boox Note Lite, without the note taking feature. But the price is almost the same, so i just decided to go for Boox Note. My two devices approach is: iPad 9.7 + Apple Pencil + Boox Note. Total: less than 1000$.
  2. Thanks a lot for all the information. It is very useful. Well, I have decided to go for the Boox Note 10.3. From Evernote I just want to consume information, not write notes with it (I use iPad for handwriting notes). Thanks a lot.
  3. Hi guys, Could you comment further how is it going with Boox Note and Evernote? I am thinking to buy it. I organize many research papers with evernote, and I would like to search and read them using Evernote in the Boox Note 10.3. Do you think it would work fine for that? Thanks
  4. I would love to have the LiquidText approach with my Evernote notes.
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