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  1. Thanks Jotajo! I'll have to give that a try when I can find the time. Nice bag of tricks regardless. Thanks for the post! Steve
  2. So they can backup the database before a purge, copy it to take it with them when leaving the company, restore lost email, comply with subpenas...
  3. Yeah, unfortunately the "docs" are actual software setting and/or backup files stored on the individual user's hard drive, in the current example in each user's .../Appdata/Roaming/eM Client folder. Since each user has different setting preferences and stores different messages we can't all point to the same document...
  4. Yeah, we use Evernote as an in-house knowledge base, and have a lot of articles on user settings, which are often on individual hard drives, and it would be nice to provide a link to them rather than have users typing and editing non-intuitive paths. Thanks for the help though!
  5. Sure, and of course you can come up with theoretical anecdotes that would not work. My point is that in the real world no sane person would name a file %APPDATA%.txt and the real-world benefits of allowing ambiguous environment variables far outweigh the (largely theoretical) costs.
  6. Ok, thanks. I kind of figured. Perhaps you could put it on a wishlist? Although environment variables are not platform specific, many of the variables themselves are, so Evernote could infer the platform from the variable? Or they would simply fail on the wrong platform which would probably not matter, because most users are likely to have a single platform within the scope of their note sharing and the note itself would be platform-specific by definition anyhow if it were using environment variables in the first place. Thanks again, Steve
  7. Hi CalS, I had tried all forms of this and could not get any of them to work. Could you give me specific syntax with an environment variable? I have tried: file:///%APPDATA% file:///%APPDATA%/ file:///APPDATA/ file:%APPDATA% None of these or other permutations and combinations work. I reached the conclusion that Evernote does not support environment variables, but if they are working for you I would be very interested in knowing the exact syntax! Thanks! Steve
  8. Hi, I am new to Evernote, but having trouble using Windows environment variables in Evernote links. For example: file:%APPDATA% works in Windows explorer to get to C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Roaming in Windows, but this link fails in Evernote. I have tried a bunch of variations on the syntax but no love. Is this possible in Evernote? Thanks!
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