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  1. I couldn't agree more! This is a step backwards with how PDFs are displayed and how to navigate between pages (especially that page numbers of the PDF are no longer displayed). This has made my use of Evernote nearly impossible. The previous way of displaying a PDF file (95% or more of my notes) was vastly superior. Thanks!
  2. Offline notes is currently not functional in this newest version. I show all of my content as downloaded but when I go to open a PDF within a note, it says "not available." Not sure if others are having this experience as well.
  3. My use of Evernote is divided between Notebooks where I actively add, remove, and edit information and another set of notebooks that serve as my library. The library notes and notebooks are predominantly pdf files of books and articles that I use in my teaching / research. I would very much like to be able to "lock" or prevent a note from being edited without an extra step. Sometimes (especially when using Evernote on a tablet or my phone), I have accidentally deleted information about the pdf or even the pdf itself. "Locking" the note would require you to "unlock" it in order to type
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