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  1. Hi, My Evernote was working fine until last week. Now it's reacting same as you guys. Guess what? It coincides with a new phone running Android 10. No smoke without fire??
  2. Is there a help topic on Re indexing please ? I'm "not responding" too often. Thank You
  3. Hi Guys. New here. hope this is the correct place to ask. A lot of Burocracy and documentation in my chosen country. My chosen strategy is to scan them and save as PDF (Canon printer/Scanner + Sony Vaio Laptop). Most of these go into EN for offline access on my Android phone Question. Sometimes the PDF displays as an Icon in the note but oft times displays the content directly. The latter is easier for boarding passes, E tickets etc. I cant work out how to ensure I always get a "Content displayed" PDF in my notes (I use Text notes). Can anybody enlighten me ? Appr
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