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  1. Dave-in-Decatur, thanks so much! I checked out that link to the other forum. Thanks again!
  2. Hello! This is my first time posting to the forums. I love using Evernote to keep notes for all my various projects but I've come across some formatting issues that really bug me and I don't know if these are bugs, or if I'm doing something wrong. The most obvious of these is that Evernote doesn't seem to save my hard returns. In other words, if I'm working on a note and I want to put space between two paragraphs, I make a few hard returns, but when I leave and come back to that note, the paragraphs are butted up against each other again. But also I notice that the formatting of notes changes when I look at them from different devices. These might be anything from font size, spacing, etc. This might just be a limitation of software trying to work on multiple platforms, but if its fixable, I'd really like to see it fixed. If I'm doing something wrong here, I would appreciate advice. If I'm posting to the wrong forum, please forgive. Thanks!
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