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  1. Any word that is not a valid english word gets deleted after pressing space. I was writing down list of movies to watch. Portion of the list is following. Leave no trace Bumblebee Sicario The first two lines are fine but as soon as I write Sicario and press space it gets deleted. Then I typed something random (eg: dfafds) and it disappeared too. But if I write a valid english word it stays. If I put quote on an invalid word it stays. So If I write "Sicario" it stays. but not Sicario without quotes. I am on latest version of the app and using Samsung's built in Neural Beta keyboard however it doesn't happen with the regular Samsung Keyboard. This happens only on Evernote app. Any other app I write on there is no issues. For example I used to use clear note before Evernote for notes and now when I went back there I see no word disappearing issue. Thanks.
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