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  1. Can you add the feature where you can manually sort notes? I'm talking about dragging and dropping them in any order I want. Like PowerPoint, I should be able to grab notes in the "Card View", for example, and move them around at-will. Can you add a "Manual Sort" option? And you can also add a "Saved Custom Sort" option where you can name the way you sorted the notes. This would be great for writers like me! Eric
  2. Yes please!!! Add different highlight colors. AND make it so they show-up in all the sort forms!
  3. Ya, I hear ya. I've seen other people make these requests and it makes sense they have other priorities (I guess for more people who float the bill). I just go into software and start clicking around and try to do the things I need, and when some of those "basic" functions I mentioned aren't there, I'm curious to know why. I'll have to look elsewhere for software until they add these features (if they ever do.)
  4. I recently became a paid user to Evernote. I am surprised it doesn't have some basic functionality like: 1. You can't change the background color of notes 2. You can't sort notes manually within a notebook 3. You can't "pin" a note to the top of a page (maybe with reminders?) 4. You can't manually sort Notebooks Am I alone here? The interface is really nice but I'm wondering how this lack of basic features is acceptable? Any thoughts? -Eric
  5. I'm new to Evernote and I need to sort my notes manually, too. I guess it just can't be done without a lot of painful workarounds. I'll have to look elsewhere. I was thinking this would be a basic functionality of the so-called premier note program that E.V. is supposed to be. This lack surprises me, plus the fact that I can't change the background color of notes. Too bad. E.V. has all the crazy cool integration stuff but is missing some basic elements. Go figure 😕
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