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  1. As my eyesight gets worse with age, font size for notes and for the app as well, becomes extremely important. I gave up on many other note taking apps -- and would happily continue my Evernote subscription past trial -- if the fonts were adjustable. At the very least, the notes themselves. So far, for the Mac it isn't too bad using the font preference. There are some aspects of the UI that are using very tiny fonts, but overall I can at least read my notes. Switching over to my iPhone, which has Dynamic Type and looks great in many iOS apps, is very hard to read, however. Apple has promoted this accessibility feature for years, and is testament to how important this is. Many, many people would like to read their notes without having to put on reading glasses. Apps like Ulysses, Bear, iA Writer, and many others on iOS deal with this marvelously. I'd prefer Evernote, however, for the cross-platform and browser support. Please at least offer a way to make fonts bigger, if not totally customized for size and style.
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