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  1. Most of the Evernote Windows users suffer from the lack of option to clear Recent Search History and many thus face privacy issues. Despite Evernote Android having this option, Windows still didn't get this small yet highly needed feature. Evernote seems to mind community requests these days. Thus, hope this will be considered.
  2. This feature will help to avoid accidental modification of crucial notes.
  3. I found it on Android app. Settings > Search and Storage > Clear Local Search History. And I very well hope it's there for Windows too.
  4. As of now, there is clear local search history option in settings.
  5. It'll be a really helpful feature if Evernote automatically converts the speech to text while making audio notes using device's in-built speech to text feature. A toggle can be given for users who wish to activate this feature. It will be helpful if we are to write lecture notes. We will then have audio copy and written copy of what we hear in a class or meeting. It is due to this feature, Otter app trends. Google Keep has this feature too in their voice notes.
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