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  1. There are two use cases in which I would like to have my notebooks / notes protected. 1. Making notes while connected to projector. I'm using Evernote privately and for work. At work I often make notes / todos while being in a meeting, connected to a projector. When I would scan through Evernote, looking for a note, there is the possibility that I show sensitive material to my coworkers. I would like to have the ability to mark multiple notebooks as private (or so) and then enable seeing private notebook, whenever I need them. On my phone I could have showing private notes always on. // Currently I'm using two Evernote accounts as workaround, which has the nice side effect that two basic accounts are sufficient on my 4 devices. Being able to have work and private in one account is the missing piece for me to get one paid account. 2. Really encrypting a note or even better, a notebook. I know it's possible to encrypt text, but I'm looking for a solution protect files I would like to store in Evernote: Financial Records etc...
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