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  1. I'm a longtime Evernote user, but over the past couple years I've become extremely frustrated with the app and the direction it seems to be taking. I finally got fed up and felt the need to say something to voice my concerns in hopes that someone who is responsible for developing the app will read it and actually take it to heart. Below is a copy of a 1-star review I just left in the Apple App Store. TLDR: Evernote is completely bloated and the developers have ignored basic usability and performance (esp on mobile) in favor of adding features that I have no need for and have never used. I'm still a user b/c I have thousands of notes in there, but the second someone comes along with a better solution that'll let me export out of Evernote, I will drop Evernote and switch in a heartbeat. Does anyone else feel this way, or is it just me? Anyway, here's the review. I hope these issues can be prioritized before some other big feature is introduced that just seems to distract from what I really need: a great, fast, frustration free note taking experience. ******* 1-Star Review, Apple App Store Headline: Bloatware: Fails at Basics, Too Many Extraneous Features I don't love Evernote, I tolerate it. Mostly because I've invested over 5 years of note taking into it, it's hard for me to migrate to something else. Formatting, speed/performance issues, latency with typing on mobile, and poorly organized UI frustrate me. Don't even get me started on sharing and exporting features, which are totally terrible. Formatting is a nightmare, especially with bullets and numbering, which 90% of all my notes use extensively. This frequently breaks, leaving really odd spacing/indents/line breaks. I frequently have to delete everything in a bullet list, copy over to plain text, then start a new Evernote and re-format all the bullets from scratch. Also, on mobile, when you make a bullet list, the indent/outdent button is hidden and two clicks away in the menus while you're typing. INDENT/OUTDENT should be RIGHT THERE for you while you're typing in a bullet/number list. Number lists should give you options to do "1. a. ii." instead of Evernote's only option of "1. 1. 1." which is not the common standard amongst other programs like Word and Google Docs. Latency and speed are a huge issue on mobile. I do have many notes (~3500) but on a brand new iPhone X, I should not have to wait 30 seconds for Evernote to recognize that I pushed the "new note" button before a blank note shows up. Not seeing the note come up causes me to push the button again b/c I'm not sure if Evernote registered my click, then 30 seconds later, I get like 5 new blank notes pop up after my multiple button presses. I should be able to fire up the app, press the "new note" button, and have a blank note come up immediately. This is so basic, yet Evernote fails to do this. Also, Evernote can't seem to keep up with my typing speed and is often 4-5 letters behind where I'm typing, which gives me the feeling that I'm typing on a 1980s 286 processor machine. How is simple typing not seamless on a latest generation iPhone X? There are so many little, but crucial frustrations that Evernote has in it. If I could provide a model for improvement, I would make the Evernote typing/UI/Sharing experience closer to Google Docs. Google Docs doesn't really work for me as a note taking app, but it EXCELS at typing speed (letters come up EXACTLY when you press the keys), formatting (I've NEVER had bullets break like I do on Evernote), UI (buttons on mobile especially are all logically placed and perfectly relevant for the typing mode), sharing (Google Docs is the best there is for sharing documents), and overall performance (I create a new document, and a new document pops up right away). I wouldn't be so hard on Evernote if this was version 1.0 and they were a brand new startup. But they're a pretty mature company by now and these little things are no excuse. I keep getting excited to see there's an update to the app, b/c I hope many of these issues will be resolved. But when I read the update notes, I always find that they're adding new features (most of which I NEVER use) instead of addressing the foundational issues that this app has. I DO NOT NEED TEMPLATES, DARK MODE, WORK CHAT, AUDIO NOTES, FACETIME NOTES, PRESENTATION MODE, and others *** UNLESS *** these basic usability options are fixed. It's almost like the developers and product managers have shiny object syndrome and aren't addressing basic app performance (Google does such a good job at performance and usability). So, will I stop using Evernote? Probably not. I have so much invested into it and honestly, no one else has as good of a cross platform note taking app. HOWEVER, the second someone comes up with a note taking app that has good cross platform support, great typing/UI experience, and allows me to export my notes/notebook/tag structure into that app gracefully, I will happily drop Evernote, cancel my subscription and never look back. Evernote is on borrowed time in my mind. I don't love it, I just tolerate it.
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