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  1. Just to preface this I don't hate Evernote v10 (although the lag is killing me). I probably won't switch. I'm just trying Joplin just as a general project I've been doing lately of self-hosting services on my own server - Nextcloud, etc. It seems to be the most Evernote-like experience. However, here's what I've noticed so far. The desktop app is Electron, so it actually feels very much like v10. If you hate v10, fair warning. However without the lag, it runs as well as a native application. This actually gives me faith that Evernote will fix their lag. There is
  2. Just wanted to quote this for emphasis. I'm a frequent OneNote user for various things but the disparity is worse than EN's was. Add in the fact that many people are forced into dual OneNote accounts (business plus personal account) and then also Microsoft's abhorrence of VPNs and some networks, and my OneNote sync breaks catastrophically (with note or even whole notebook loss) roughly once a year. I use it for disposable quick notes. I can't trust it to be a digital filing cabinet like Evernote.
  3. When I open the Evernote app on Android, it will tell me there's 3-4 clips which are "loading." When they finally load they are entered as notes with the current date and time (of opening the app). However they might be links I clipped hours or even a day before. Is this a bug? Is there a way to report this?
  4. I'd like to just be able to open an app, snap a photo (or attach multiple photos) of a landscape, place to visit, restaurant, campsite, whatever - and see those items as pins on a map. Or at least arrange them by distance. For a while I've been using ScoutLog for this purpose. I may try the Journey app as well. Is there a way I could just do this with Evernote, though?
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