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  1. I think your user community knows this. I think a segment of your user community is trying to tell you that is not intuitive for us. If you want to appeal to those of us who are asking for more categories and notebook structure, we probably need some sort of a "hand-up" to make a hierarchy out of the tagging system intuitive to us. Have you considered a "hierarchy wizard" type interface that might help someone like me organize the tagging system into the kind of hierarchy you describe? Maybe instead of having to invest in difficult and expensive engineering to provide multi-layered notebook hierarchy you could offer those of us who think in terms of a hierarchical structure a different view into the tagging system? To give us users a better control of hierarchy you do not necessarily need to redesign your engineering. If you can do what we're asking with the tagging system - show us how and make it easy for us.
  2. Adding my +1 to a nested hierarchy. I actually discontinued my EverNote premium and switched to using OneNote because the organization was more intuitive to me than the tagging system of EverNote. Since the ancient world we have been using hierarchical information structures to organize thought and information. That's long enough that there is probably an actual neurological adaptation to hierarchy as an information structure. To me, it seems like the concept of "tagging" relates more to virtual information structures than social or literary ones; the concept of a "tag" seems to have grown out of object-oriented information design vs. procedural information design and procedural has a few thousand years of human adaptation behind it while object-oriented design is relatively new (though admittedly it follows aspects/characteristics a heuristic model). In more direct, less highbrow language; my brain organizes in hierarchy, not tags. I had to stop using EverNote to be more organized. Seriously, the software should have two organizational modalities; a tagging structure for those who think in terms of aspects / descriptors and a hierarchical structure for those who think in bullets and lists. If you implement both, wider audience for the software.
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