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  1. I would want my links to open in a private browser, is this something you need to specify in Evernote or Google Sheets?
  2. Thanks CalS, I have just now worked it out from your input. Select note in Evernote, right click and choose copy note link Choose cell in google sheets where you want to paste link, right click and choose insert link Done! The screenshot in the selected note is shown in the browser window that opens. Perfect!
  3. I'm not sure if the heading accurately describes what I want to do, so let me explain. I take screen shots of charts and paste them into a note. I want to create a hyperlink of the screenshot within Evernote so I can insert the hyperlink into a google sheets cell. I don't want the screenshot to be displayed as an image in the cell but rather a link that I can click on for it to open in another window, if that makes sense. Is this feature available? Cheers - Tom
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