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  1. Thank you for the update - looking forward to the solution.
  2. I used to have my ToDos and some kind of journal. Using ALT-SHIFT-D to enter current date ... worked untill I updated to 10.6.9-win-ddl-public (2254) Editor: v116.1.14913 Service: v1.26.7 To my surprise this works for a colleague, using exactly the same version without any problems. Hope that this works soon again as this breaks my flow. PS: To state not only negative things 🙂 - I really like that product behaves equal on all plattforms and that performance has improved since the first release in the new world ... thank you developers ... now bring me back my shortcuts and I am happy!
  3. I was a long way from first web beta. this thread started June 2019 and the changes in web editor are really very much appreciated. As it i already June 2020, I hope that new editor will be available in Win/Mac/iOS soon. Good work so far ... hard to wait for the new versions! Cheers, Holg
  4. Hi, my problem was not related to PDF or any other attachment. I had this problem with text ony. BR, Holger
  5. I am using 8.24.5 (370051) .. for some reason the "todo:false" now is working. I was not aware that negation is not supported, thanks for the info. BR, Holger
  6. DTlow, could you please check if you can use searches like the following on your iPad? Background is that this is not working at all for my EN on iPad but very fine for EN on macOS "todo:false" -> show all notes with open tasks stack:XXX -> show all notes in notebook stack XXX -stack:XXX -> show all notes that are NOT in notebook stack XXX stack:XXX todo:false -> show all notes with open tasks in notebook stack XXX Very curious if this works for you. Would also be great to se which EN for iOS you are using BR, Holger
  7. DTLow, why should we use additional applications to get a function that seems to very foundational? At least I was not aware of this opportunity with this extra APP, but I will try it. Thanks a lot for this hint. BR, Holg
  8. Hi all, I assume that most of you rely heavily on the search abilities of EN - which is working great on my macOS app. Recently I started more and more to use Evernote on iOS (iPad) and I had to learn that the search function is not working reliable there. I found posts from 2015 which describe exactly the problem but according to an EN post this should have been solved already years ago. I use searches to organise my personal and also professional work like the following: - stack:JOB todo:false => get all notes that are not in my JOB notebooks, grouped in the stack JOB that have tasks that are not completed -> should bring me list of notes with personal tasks stack:JOB todo:false => get all notes that are in this my JOB notebooks, grouped in the stack JOB that have tasks that are not completed -> should bring me a list of notes with tasks in my job In macOS this is working reliable - on EN for iOS this is not working at all. Even using only a search "todo:false" does not bring any result. Queries like "todo:*" show me some, but not all, notes with tasks. I even tried "en_todo_false" without any success. Now my question .. is the search working different on iOS (which would be bad but this I could handle) or is this simply a defect? If so, this might be a blocker of using EN to organise my tasks at least on iOS. Hope4help! BR, Holg
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