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  1. I agree with both of you, my point was simply to illustrate what I think is the reasoning of EN management. It is easy to anticipate that power users are going to be very unhappy when switching from an efficient native software to a slow webapp. I don't think they are that ignorant. I cancelled my subscription and am in the process of finding a replacement because I believe the writing is on the wall. I am not a target customer. I think there is less than 1% probability that they are ever going to be able to make this app as fast as the native version. Evernote was supposed to be my external brain. And I want my brain extension to be quick and responsive.
  2. Keep in mind that EN doesn't receive more money when a user is more active. Any premium user has the same weight. If the 2% power users are leaving and the same number of new casual users replace them, income statement is not going to change one bit.
  3. It is obviously a move to cut costs. Management has decided that it is ok for Evernote to be slow, unresponsive and heavyweight, if that makes future development / maintenance easier. I would think their bet is that customers will adjust to the performance drop and stop complaining after a while. Let's see how it plays out.
  4. I do not like the direction that has been taken at all. So I have cancelled my subscription. The fact that many perfectly sensible feature requests are being ignored was acceptable as long as we could thing the developers' time was being used to improve the software for a new release further down the way. With this release, I can see that this has clearly not been the case. Lots of resources have been poured into a low performance piece of software. Its main purpose is to be easier to maintain on multiple platforms. Software should be getting faster, fixing problems and bringing more functionnality to the user with new versions. A different path has been taken here.
  5. Vote added. They are probably afraid customers would actually start using those 10GB upload a month we are paying for...
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