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  1. Having to switch to light mode in order to print a note is a a ridiculous workaround and I hope Evernote will recognize that at some point in the near future. This problem is not limited to printing tables or printing to pdf. Also, it prints the text input cursor along with the text !...
  2. That is what makes it really annoying. One should at least be able to print to pdf, but even that doesn't work properly. Yes, and some people liked it that way. Not everyone likes Evernote for the same reasons and features than you do. If they took away something you're using every day, you'd most likely be posting "WHY???" rather than "oh right, I'll just use an external app" Works very well to scan documents IMO. Perhaps it doesn't suit your needs but I certainly do not feel the need for an external app for that purpose on Android. On iOs, I guess I would be usi
  3. A lot of us like our swiss knife with a corkscrew. Not sure what the sarcasm is for. Evernote is not only a file cabinet, it has been focused on allowing users to easily capture content for a long time now. The scanning experience is already good in my opinion, and I feel like it has improved with v10 on Android. I feel no need to use a separate app for scanning. Most people don't want hyperspecialized apps for every task. And it is important to be able to easily turn the result into a pdf format. It is the standard / most commonly used file format for document sharing. People like t
  4. I have posted a feature request for this as for some reason it is not considered to be a technical problem. Ability to Copy/Paste images from Evernote to another application - Evernote for Windows Requests (Versions 10.0 and above) - Evernote User Forum
  5. This has not worked properly since the release of Evernote 10. Fixing the most basic stuff that used to be functional and isn't anymore with v10 is apparently considered a feature by EN support. Better yet, try to use the Webclipper to clip a screenshot. Not only you cannot copy / paste outside of Evernote but you cannot open the image in an external editor and when you try to "Save as" you are supposed to manually add a file extension (guesswork here). Compare this with Evernote Legacy where the image was given a name and extension as expected. Please let us copy / paste image
  6. Vstk

    Manual Sync Button

    I think a good alternative, if EN team doesn't want to add another button, would be to add manual sync as a customizable keyboard shortcut.
  7. Dragging and dropping is still an awkward experience. Issues mentioned have not been addressed and another bug is the following : - scroll the left pane down so that shortcuts are hidden and you can only see notebooks - drag a note and try to have the left pane automatically scroll up (look for a notebook that is hidden up) -> works when going down but not up
  8. I stopped using this when I realized it is not a good idea to rely on internal note links for as long as they can't be backed up / exported (note ID is not included in exports). I feel like resolving this would be a first step.
  9. This is an Evernote issue. It has been this way for years. I informed them multiple times. They told me the service was discontinued. But apparently it is easier to have confused users than remove the option from the account panel.
  10. Ctrl + B and Ctrl + I keyboard shortcuts do not work anymore for me.
  11. Joplin's webclipper is really good and much faster than evernote's webclipper. But unfortunately it also requires multiple clicks to follow a note URL I would also like it to take only one click to follow the URLs in Evernote.
  12. So I tried this new feature. I wrote "test" in the notepad, tried to convert it into a note. Evernote froze. Had to force quit and restart. Then I tried to delete the new note it had created. Deleting didn't work anymore with any note - neither the shortcut nor "menu -> move to trash". After a while it all started working normally. One has to have infinite patience to work with Evernote. I would be refreshing if everything just worked as intended, immediately
  13. version 10.5.7 2171 public We are still unable to move several notes at once with drag and drop functionality, this is a pain, completely counter intuitive. Notebook piles used to auto expand instantly on the left pane while dragging - wasn't great but I could live with it. Now they do not expand anymore at all, that is really bad. IMO the best would be auto expand after a short delay (like 1 second)
  14. I can't merge notes without getting the following error message "Sorry, we’re having some trouble. Try reloading the page." The notes are merged but some of them not properly (image absent in merge note) version 10.5.7 2171 public
  15. The "View As" parameter is not saved and resets to default when leaving the note - this is inconsistent with the rest of the application. I assume this is a bug.
  16. As an example, you could check out the "dark reader" browser extension, and try it with any website that has a built-in dark theme such as reddit or a discourse forum. It will not invert the colors. It is not a note taking app but it is essentially the same problem.
  17. Thankfully, this is not accurate. I am not saying it should I know, but this is besides my point. I suggest that dark mode should not do whatever it is doing when it comes to HTML content that already has a dark background. This is not very complex. I can't be the only one who thinks a dark HTML clipping should not be restyled by Evernote when in dark mode?...
  18. Latest version fixes drag and dropping a single note from one notebook to another but it doesn't fix drag and dropping multiple selected notes from one notebook to another. It used to work too.
  19. This issue is not specific to a particular version, it is present everywhere (mac, windows, web...)? - Set up Evernote with dark theme - Find a web page with a proper dark mode, with a dark background and light font - Clip the "full webpage" or clip the "article" - The clipped web page in the app will be white with dark text The fact that Evernote will turn light webpages dark when using the dark mode is great, but it doesn't make any sense to invert the colors when the page is already dark.
  20. Evernote version 10.3.7 2018 public, Windows 10 I opened Evernote, created a new note, wrote a bunch of things in it, clicked on another notebook in the notebook list of the left panel. Then I went back to the notebook that should contain the note I just created and found out the note was not there. It had not been saved. I saw that the title of the note still appeared in the "recent notes" list so I clicked on it. And it opened a completely blank note. Even the title which appeared in the list was empty. Please make reliable auto-save a feature of Evernote v10. It is rather
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