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  1. I have to revert back to old Evernote version, at least on my laptop. Every major Evernote update is, at best, half-baked. That’s true with the iOS versions. We were told that it came out first because it’s “prepared” (Small 2020). Well it’s not; it’s incredibly slow, unless your computer or unit is incredibly fast which mine is not, unless the purpose of the update is to cater only to a small —albeit “higher”/favored— segment of their user’s population.
  2. Use the share button, or copy the link and paste it on evernote. You can share them as a group of notes, arranged according to types, tags and so on. It’s really quick and when you use that link inside evernote you get a page that’s looking better than your standard evernote interface. BTW I am a ten year EN user with almost 20k notes and a one-day Notion user... you see where I’m coming from
  3. I have 16k plus. I had gotten used to the lag, if there is, if there is any.
  4. The public beta is just a few days old they’re still far from the deadline (a week before the final launching mid-September ) for finishing their homework
  5. I think app designers perhaps had in mind touchscreen typers/writers on the iPad so the default font size was quite small and it was fitting for that. If one uses then a wireless keyboard though (which many are starting to use) my eyes are farther from the screen... even if I have my reading glasses with me, it is not that easy to read. Good contrast, brightness, AND bigger fonts are important if one wants to avoid eye strain. So I think, a bigger font is needed. I tried Bear app, migrated all my notes (16000 of them!) And with all the tags included (not the notebooks which I don’t mind)
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