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  1. +1 on the request (and so voted above) Moreover, +1 on confusion as to why Evernote has for so long ignored this request. The promised dialogue between vendor and customer remains starkly one way when it comes to this particular request (and markdown in general). I respect the discipline it takes to stay true to the vision of a product, not letting it drift into some monster every-thing solution. Each added feature has the potential to degrade usability. This is the innovators dilemma (good book by the way even if it could have been an essay). Yet deciding for all of us that support for headers is outside purpose, while to do lists, audio recordings, and word stats are all inside, seems rather arbitrary and bafflingly bizarre. It doesn't take much imagination to see that headers can help one organize thoughts, express ideas as an outline to be supported with (normal text) elaborations. How is this illegitimate use? What's more, a good design will integrate this functionality with minimal impact to those who don't want it. What gives? I smell something stinky. It may be that the irritation you see here is a response to the arrogance that developers can have when deciding for paying customers with such subjectivity the appropriateness of their needs. And friends here, please don't tell me to get over it and migrate to another solution. While switching costs work to Evernote's advantage (further explanation for the irritation), the time to convert not just data but learning and habits should not be trivialized.
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