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  1. The note count does not update in shortcuts if we delete or move notes. The counter stays the same. Update can only be forced be restarting client or collapsing and opening the shortcuts. Confirmed bug since 10.3.6 until 10.5.7 - Please fix.
  2. The title says it all. With 10.3.6 EN staff broke the drag and drop feature for note moving between notebooks. It does not do anything anymore when dragging and dropping. I am totally disappointed.
  3. It is a proof of the ignorance of windows eco system by EN stuff...perhaps they think it is cool to have a different key stroke than every other windows application. Taking away the light weight intuitive usage of our native client.
  4. BUG: New note count does not update the counter on notebooks in the "favorite"-section when you delete or move notes until restarting the client or collapsing the favorites...
  5. Note count in notebooks visible in shortcuts ("Favoriten" in german version) is not updated! When you for example delete a note it will stay the same count...till?!
  6. I cannot see any differences with 10.3.6 for dark mode. Title bar still stays bright grey/white when dark mode toggled. Anyone else seeing no effects?
  7. And with EN 10.3.6 EN still ignores users feedback and did not add disabling of spell checking... Assuming the speed basic functionality is added back to the electron app we have to sit for a further year or two to just see a supported client with same feature set as with legacy. It keeps frustrating. And : 6.25.1 is not supported anymore and has bugs/incompatibilites with sharing public links with web/android. It is not correct, that this a full functional alternative.
  8. Hi there, I am wondering if we will ever see the new Evernote Client for Android go live? Almost 2 months ago, the iOS client was released. Android still suffers from the very aged client which did not get any maintenance for months and no development for years. With a a market share of almost 75% devices on the web it is incomprehensible to me, why this big user base is ignored by EN. No information about release plans on the EN web page.
  9. You could in addition cancel auto-renewal of subscription - I guess that's the minimum every disappointed EN user should do to signal to EN that they are doing wrong to premium users. I would assume, they monitor their auto-renewal and canceled subscriptions for planning cash flow ahead. At least I would do this. I just canceled!
  10. Unbelievable ignorance and arrogance but it clearly shows EN does not take care of premium users (anymore?). I am ashame - but I somehow hope a big loss of premium users will lead to healthy consequences.
  11. That's it. No development in functionality. I cannot understand why EN celebrates their search functionality. When even basic full (in-)text search is not possible all the other shiny features within search do not offer any benefits to me at all. Search results = 0 by search string cannot be narrowed further by other filters 🙄 What I do not understand is, why they limit the text search that drastically. It is a no brainer to do this type of search and indexing at least at the desktop app level (maybe offline search when they cannot afford the server computing time even for premium users?!). When I want to have full search access to my data I have to search with a desktop search engine within my HTML-Exports of Evernote. It is ridiculous!
  12. I am very diappointed that EN search still seems only optimised for english language. I am a german user and search is pretty worthless as EN cannot handle partial search within words. Even not in title of notes. Example: "Audioverzögerung" (audio delay). When I search vor "verzögerung" (literally "delay") which would be the obvious way of searching, I get no results = 0. I cannot understand why EN can even not perform partial search in the title of notes. The needed resources seem to me very low. Every desktop search is capable of doing it (but FULLTEXT). Not to mention it is absolutely no problem for OneNote either for example. It is a search killer for languages using compound words. You cannot find your stuff because using your native and correctly written language. Somehow EN forgot the international users out of the english universe... not the best way when wanting to be the best EN.
  13. +1 to legacy not supported anymore: Only one example: Try to accomplish this: set a public link for a note in legacy version (via share). Then open this note in EN-Web. - you will neither see the shared status nor the link. Shareable notes created in web (or EN10 or Android) will not show up as public shared notes in evernote legacy vice-versa. Often have trouble with this. They changed the public link mechanism months ago but did not implement it to legacy. Now they say: use legacy for all functionality, what?!
  14. Exactly, sleeping laptop after last edits or maintance on notes often lacks last changes in sync...unfortunately you notice this later on when on mobile, too late. You can even close the app by Menu-Exit and it will not force sync before close. For me it is like gambling... will all be synced later on? Such fundamental flaws make me somehow speechless.
  15. Yes, and it would then mean to use and take care of all this valuable input, and somehow talking back to the user base rather than CEO complaining in third party interviews about the 5% which do "special things" or have "certain ways to use the app". These 5% (we!) pay their bills, not the 95% free users hich can be blinded by simple and fancy editor hacks for using their shoppings lists. Listening to this forum and watching carefully CEO interviews of the last 2-3 weeks i am frightened, that these special effort of commited users is and probably never will be refunded to them (us!).
  16. I cannot understand how product management can keep this in the wild. It must be easy to disable spell checking until problem is solved. 2 weeks since then...
  17. After listening to this forum for a while, I am frightened this will never come again. Unified code basis also seams to mean simplified code basis... special features are killed because of their their new simplifiying the programming attitude - it's so sad.
  18. Same here, basic windows functionality is ignored and potentially gone for good within EN 10, since it is no native windows app anymore.
  19. One of the big features of the native windows client removed here. Ridiculous to sort manually each time after switching notebooks. I wonder, if Evernote devs or management really uses their own software honestly.
  20. It's a pity users have to do registry editing. Every other dark mode enabled Windows 10 app is capable of handling the container color. Even open source software as Thunderbird smoothly switches to complete dark mode automatically, when windows 10 is set to dark mode. So why not a paid app as Evernote. I pay for it. They should do the hacking.
  21. I do not understand how this spell checking problems (by the way since this post from Austin G persisting the last two bug fix updates) could pass ANY quality control. Is there nobody at Evernote aware of bi- or multilingual people out there in the world?
  22. The "All Changes Saved" does not relate to syncing at all. Try this: type three caracters, wait for "All Changes Saved"...close client immediately. Start Evernote Web: Voilà, nothing synced. Maybe this "saved" means to cache. But this has no meaning for the user.... As Evernote never commented on the functionality of this "All changes saved" in the forums I think it is simply faking of real time sync! Evernote has no real time sync (yet?!)....something I had really hoped that it would come in 2020... solving all syncing issues closing the gap to other web service utilizing push sync since years. They did not implement this, even not for the paying customers. I assume because of web service/traffic costs. Very bitter and slap in the face. With no sync status of any note being visible it is a (sorry!) ridiculous product!
  23. The spell check is still broken (german user). Nearly everything marked red, no option to turn off or to learn words into the dictionary. No idea, what the product manager is talking about when quoting this as a resolved issue. I cannot understand why Evernote is not capable of handling spell checking in a professional and paid (!) product. Cannot remember another software product with problems on this.
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