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  1. Thanks for your input, I contacted Fujitsu just after I first posted my issue in the forum, and well as of for now my only option is to use the USB cable and wait for the update, which hopefully will be available before there is a new Mac OS update 🤣. It Is just a bit frustrating that an update is available for the other scanners in their lineup, and not for the Evernote Edition.
  2. I have submitted a ticket for this problem, since it is really annoying that I can only use the scanner via USB connection, which is the only solution that works out of the two provided by Fujitsu. The other workaround was to connect the scanner to the WiFi using the ScanSnap Wireless setup tool, which in fact does connect the scanner to the WiFi, but still doesn’t solve the issue that the ScanSnap Evernote application fails to detect that my computer is connected to a wireless network; hence, keep getting the message “to enable wi-fi scanning, connect your computer to a wireless network”. It seems like Evernote completely forgot they have this product, it is frustrating that scanners that cost half the price of this expensive unit have been updated to work with the latest Mac OS update.
  3. Hello everyone, I have a ScanSnap Evernote edition that have been using off and on since it came out, have been successful in connecting to the wi-fi in the past without problems; however, today I got it out of the box, I run the wireless set-up ScanSnap Wireless Setup tool for Evernote, and it connects to wi-fi, but in the ScanSnap manager application it says that it cannot connect to ScanSnap and to connect my computer to a wireless network (I am connected to my home wifi), I am using a MacBook Pro running Mac OS Mojave, right now I can only scan using the USB, it would be great to get the wifi scaling working again. TIA!
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