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  1. kurbb

    Sharing Questions

    Success! I went back into Firefox and downloaded a new version of Evernote. That seems to work. The menus you describe pop up now, and the notes seem to be copying.
  2. kurbb

    Sharing Questions

    Hello: When I right click on the note in the note list, I do not see the menu with "Move Note" and "Copy Note." I receive a menu for "Back, Reload, Print," etc. I also tried left clicking and multiple other ways. I then switched from Chrome to Firefox, where I did have a menu more similar to what you describe, but then it seems that the note never does copy or move into the other notebook. I definitely have permission to edit their notebooks.
  3. kurbb

    Sharing Questions

    Hello: I am using Windows 10 on my computer and Google Chrome browser. I now am able to enter new notes and edit notes in the notebook shared with me. However, I still cannot figure out how to copy a note from my personal notebook to the book shared with me. Please walk me through copying one note at a time or moving one at a time, whichever will work. Thanks.
  4. kurbb

    Sharing Questions

    I have tried to share one note at a time.
  5. kurbb

    Sharing Questions

    I have full edit access, as far as both I and the other parties know. I am using Windows 10 and Chrome browsers.
  6. Hello, I would like to share several of my notes with a specific notebook shared with me by someone else. I see an option only to share one note at a time and only by e-mail, rather than with a choice to select a notebook of where to place it. Thanks for your help. ALSO: I thought that I finally was able to edit in the notebook shared with me, but it still is not allowing me access. Everything I try to do in the notebook shared with me is being done within my own notebook, rather than the intended notebook.
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