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  1. confirmed not working. I tried on my android phone, firefox, IE and chrome all unable to resize the image. Also I notice another issue, I use to be able to copy paste image in the notes directly (in all browser) but after an update I not sure when all this was disabled. to over come this SHI-T, I have to save the file as jpg, png, ..etc and had to manually attach it in the notes. I couldn't directly copy and paste an image using screenshot tools (snipping tool ..etc). Why is evernote ever want to disabled these features? Is like making this note very difficult to use.
  2. I recently tried the share function but seems not working. I send to receiver email and also gave the receiver full permission "edit and invite". But receiver did not receive any email from the invite i sent. I also have another case where my another friend did received my share but could not open as it generates an error "wireless definition cannot open". Anyone can help?
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