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  1. Thank you for this. I used to use Evernote for everything and I was an Evernote evangelist. Now, I use different applications for different things, and I hardly use Evernote at all. 🙁 I am back looking for a particular solution, and it seems no application is really good at what I want, but I’ll come back to that. I am an attorney in solo practice with only one practice area, and despite the advice of the people who sell legal practice management software, I use general use applications and have a paperless law practice (except for the fact that I just have to scribble notes on a physical pad sometimes and I immediately scan them and shred the paper version.) I use icloud’s new Document management system for document storage. I pay the $.99/mo for more storage. I use OneNote for all of my case notes, including in-court notes, scanned paper notes, screen shots of text messages, audio files of voicemails, any and all notes of case activity. I like OneNote’s user interface better than Evernote’s. OneNote works great for my use, but there are a couple drawbacks for some of my other needs- OneNote will not allow stacked notebooks and notes to the extent that Evernote does. (I have not found any notes application that is worth a darn that will allow stacking like Evernote does.) Also, once I put a photo into a note in OneNote, I can’t put it back on my device, or anywhere, unless I make a screenshot. I do a lot of screenshotting, and a lot of changing format from image to pdf and from pdf to image, and moving documents and images from one application to another. Evernote remembers that an image is an image, and it will let me put that image anywhere I want. It doesn’t matter much for my purposes, except for genealogy... which is why am a back looking at Evernote. In the past, I used Evernote extensively to store genealogy notes and documents and photos, and websites. It worked GREAT as an organizer of hard to organize stuff of all types. I had notebooks for surnames and notebooks for places and notebooks for events like civil war battles. I had stacks. I bought the premium. What drew me away from Evernote was the difficulty I started having with copying or exporting or sharing notes. Evernote always wanted to give me a link instead of the substance of my note. I started being hesitant to put anything into Evernote because Evernote owned it from then on and held it prisoner. You had to come into Evernote to visit the content. Also, for many reasons I stopped putting much effort into genealogy for a while. I let my premium lapse long ago. Now, I still have my genealogy library in Evernote, and I also have a small genealogy library in OneNote, but it is not satisfactory because of the way it handles photos and the limited stacking. I also have a small genealogy library in my iOS “Notes” (I have a seldom used MacBook Pro and I do EVERYTHING on iPad) but it is not satisfactory because of the limited stacking. I also have a small genealogy library on iCloud, but it I just documents and photos and I cannot make notes unless I make them elsewhere and convert them to a pdf or image. In other words, I have just been sticking stuff everywhere (except Evernote) for years. That needs to stop and I need to get organized again. The problems are, I don’t really want to pay another monthly fee and I would need Evernote premium because genealogy requires a lot of uploading. I was also wondering whether Evernote stores images in high resolution, because I am looking to store best quality versions of old family photos. That question is what brought me to the forums and I have not found a recent answer yet, but I have seen a lot of people saying that Evernote was never meant to be a place to store important high-quality photos. Also, the question raised above about Evernote’s future worries me. To state the obvious, no one application does it all well. Also, it seems there are applications for document and/or photo storage, and there are applications for notes and research and journaling, but there is no application that combines those two areas of functionality well.
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