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  1. Hi @California_Ace - I am getting the same issue too with large PDFs - though for me 50MB appears to be threshold. Did you manage to contact support and get a response?
  2. I was able to get some response from Support on this issue, Evernote Support are aware and perhaps @Shane D. can provide us updates on when 10.6 will be out - fingers crossed this fixes it permanently.
  3. @Shane D. I am getting the about page blank again with 10.5 - screenshot below. Restarting Evernote fixes the issue.
  4. I am getting an error when you click the join us button on the Community page. Looks like an expired cert with Partnerstack....
  5. Having the same issue on Mac [version 10.4.3] to the extent that even the About box goes blank. This seems to happen when Evernote is left open for extended periods of time. I hope this will be fixed soon as its a real pain.
  6. Every time I try and send an email for support: I get prompted to log in and soon as I do, I get logged out: And then the cycle begins - why is this? This is happening across multiple devices (Mac, Android..)
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