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  1. Just think I found a nother way. Go to thumnails. From here you can drag directly into mac mail.
  2. Right. But you get the image in an email and from there you can drag to the other email window by using shortcuts: New email with the Skitch image will open in mac mail. Drag the image from this email to another by using shortcut to change between emails: CMD+< Then delete your current mail where the original Skitch was created. Use CMD+D to confirm that you do not want to save this email. Hope this helps.
  3. I have tried a few. It is still the easiest. Skitch have not been updated for a few years. So I hope just as much you do. Still the best of its kind in my opinion..... I also use Skitch for windows. Have tried to write to Evernote to get them to support Skitch for windows again, but never got a reply. I have the installation files for windows if anyone is interested.
  4. Agree. Have the same issue. An update is in order. But you can use shortcut directly Shift+Cmd+M
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