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  1. I'm in. I think hitting their social media with this problem is a great idea. It will also alert potential new users to the shabby treatment of their existing customers.
  2. The only reason that I haven't made to move to Onenote is because their migration tool is pretty glitchy when moving my extensive set of notebooks over. Their support actually gives a damn, though, so I will get there at some point soon. . . . And when your support sucks compared to Microsoft, FFS, then you well and truly set the standard for sucking support.
  3. You don't KNOW how limited it is or is not. You merely know (and all you seem to care about) that you aren't inconvenienced. If you don't have the problem, why are you constantly in the thread dedicated to the problem? It just seems odd. Are you an Evernote employee? Your weird and constant fanboy apologia is getting in the way if those who are having the problem from getting the attention we need, and in many cases, have paid for. So, please stop being part of the problem.
  4. The last 5 or 6 updates have brought us dark mode, which the powers that be seem to be utterly infatuated with. We can't type notes from a droid, but people can have cool dark screens. Cake. Icing. Fools. If this isn't THE walking epitome of retarded priorities, then it doesn't damn well exist.
  5. the simple existence of a two year old bug is itself evidence that they are obviously not working on it, most likely because they are ignoring it. however, if they're actually watching us in this forum while we struggle with a two year old bug, then that's probably even more egregious than ignoring us. either way, onenote is looking better every day.
  6. indeed. not a single damn seems to be given by evernote. we don't even get a "we regret the inconvenience", and they don't seem to follow their own support forums. shockingly poor customer service.
  7. Warning when installing Google keyboard: Attention Gboard may be able to collect all the text you type, including personal data such as passwords and credit card numbers. CANCEL OK Um, ***** that.
  8. As has been observed already, a different keyboard doesn't resolve the problem. And turning off predictive text across all apps on the entire device actually creates a bigger problem than the one I've got. Why can't evernote fix the 2 year old problem? They either cannot, or just don't care? I'm trying out OneNote. I hate MS, but you can type notes into Onenote without the app destroying them.
  9. Exact same problem. Samsung Note 9. OS 8.1.0 I'm alarmed to see that this is a two year problem, and it is still unresolved-- and seems to not be a priority at evernote. This bug makes the premium app frustrating to the point of being unusable.
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