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  1. Yes! Thanks PinkElephant Logging out and switching the device completely off and on again to then login worked. Much appreciated!
  2. Hi all, I've been experiencing an issue for quite a while now on iOS where some tagged notes do not appear when viewing the tag, although it does say that the notes are present in the tag. This strangely only effects Evernote on my iPad and not on my iPhone. Both versions are the latest available (10.16). For reference, in Evernote on both iPad and iOS the 'Shoe Dog (Books)' tag shows in the menu that there are 2 notes associated with the tag, however when I click on the tag the notes only show in the iPhone version and not in the iPad version - see attached images. I have tried reinstalling Evernote on my iPad but it does not seem to have made any difference. The issue seems very sporadic too e.g. I will have another tag with 8 notes in it, but in the iPad version only 6 will appear when I click on the tag. Has anyone experienced something similar? As this is a very frustrating issue to have any time I want to use Evernote on my iPad as there is no guarantee that the notes I need will be present. Thanks, Caleb
  3. Agreed! It is a noticeable improvement and it's quite amazing to see how fast it actually is (also just my opinion).
  4. Hi Evernote Team, I've noticed with the new version of Evernote on iOS (v10.0+) that my battery will drain shockingly quickly while using Evernote. This battery drain is in the order of 1% every 8-10 seconds, which makes using Evernote while on the move on my phone now an impossibility. Is this a know issue? If so, what are the plans to rectify this? As I do not encounter this level of battery drain with any other app on my phone. Thanks, Caleb
  5. This has my vote. Just bought an Ipad to further improve my flexibility when it comes to working in Evernote and I am shocked to see that nested tags are not available in iOS, particularly given how this is implemented on the Windows, Android and Mac versions. I'm using Evernote on my Ipad much less than I should be because of the lack of this. Consistency is key across platforms - please make this a priority Evernote.
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