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  1. I didn't realize I was in the Windows forum -- I did not select Windows at any point, and don't see it on this page. Oh well, I guess I am now in sync -- thanks again!
  2. Thanks -- I did download the windows app and everything works as expected. Thanks!
  3. The problem was using the web interface via firefox. But EN just prohibited that, so I bit the bullet and signed up (and paid) to use the native windows app. I have now managed to delete the hundreds of old notes and found a way to delete en masse the hundreds of now empty tags. Thanks for all your help!
  4. Hi, CalS: In file explorer, that's left-click and shift-LEFT-click -- right-click opens the context menu with or without shift. But none of that works in EN. As soon as I mouse to the end of the sequence of notes to be selected, EN focuses there, and any click just opens that one note, rather than select the swath I am trying to select. --David
  5. How do I select multiple notes? For example, I'd like to delete large batches of old notes. Thanks. --David
  6. gazumped -- thanks for the idea. Unfortunately, a PDF file is not terribly useful. Plus, as I explained above, I cannot see how to select multiple notes.
  7. DTLow -- thanks for the suggestion. However, I cannot make it work. I can select a tag and see the notes, but I see no way to select multiple notes -- moving the cursor automatically highlights the note hovered over, leaving no way to select multiple notes, much less merge them. (Using the web interface from Firefox)
  8. I am searching for a tool to gather together a bunch of notes with a given tag into a single file, ideally for MS Word, but that is not absolutely necessary as long as I can export to that. My main use case is creating text snippets -- each one from a phrase to multiple pages -- and then gathering together all the snippets with a given tag in a single file that I can edit into a written piece. Nice to have images, web pages, videos, etc as well, but creating my own text snippets by writing or capture is the must-have use. How, in Evernote, would I gather the tagged snippets into a
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