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  1. I'm sorry @Nick L, but I really don't buy this. You're really telling me that more people will click that hideous Share button than used to press these (dangerously-confusing-to-new users!) icons: Delete Note ("Trash Can icon, I'm so confused, what is that thing?") Add Reminder ("Alarm Clock icon, now we really are taking abstraction to new levels") or Note Info (A lowercase italic letter i - literally an internationally-recognised symbol for information) Sure, Presentation Mode and Annotate were not intuitive (or particularly useful, to me at least) - why don't you just remove those two? This is a horrible design decision in a vain attempt to push Evernote to users as a collaboration tool. The choice to promote this as one of the only two parts of the UI in 'Evernote Green' proves that. That direction is your choice as a company (and our choice as paying customers to decide to take our business elsewhere), but please don't try to tell us in the community that this is a user- and data-led change. That just doesn't wash for me. It's Thanksgiving weekend, so thank you Evernote for being a critical part of my digital life for the last nine years. I hope we will be together for another 9 to come, but every release makes me less confident of that outcome. Please forgive if this comes across as ranty, it's only because I care.
  2. I've been using Evernote since 2009. I've join the forums 9 years later to express how dismayed I am by the direction Evernote development is taking. Every new point release either breaks or hides something that made Evernote useful to me in the first place. Two recent examples: (1) The bright green 'Share' button is both ugly and pointless. Evernote is not and never will be a useful collaboration tool (except for a few niche industries / use cases). Meanwhile you've added multiple clicks to EVERY SINGLE NOTE I CREATE by hiding your actually useful features behind ellipses. (2) I can't understand the rationale behind separating Notes from Reminders in the UI (new in 7.6). For me, the biggest USP of Evernote is that notes ARE reminders and reminders ARE notes! If I need to click a different tab to see my reminders, I might as well click a different app, and if I'm clicking to a different app then, then what is the point of Evernote. Way to throw away your only remaining competitive advantage! The argument that you're simplifying things for new users is - my opinion - the road to the death of Evernote. Evernote is not - and never has been - a particularly simple tool. But it's POWERFUL. Users looking for a simple note-taker, Evernote probably isn't for them: there are many better free alternatives available (Keep, Bear, ...) and Evernote has already lost that audience a long time ago. But keep removing/hiding the features us paying users rely on, then you lose us too, and are left with nothing. I really don't want it to go that way, but I feel like I've seen this movie too many times now. Please someone start listing to the people who are actually still paying for your product despite the price rises, and stop taking away all the things we like.
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