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  1. Hello there, I've been using Evernote for 5 years, on Android, then iOS, then Android again and now back to iOS. However, i can't install Android on my iPhone 5c because the new version runs only on iOS 11, which can't be installed on 5c. Is there a way I can install a previews version of Evernote, even if I can't update it (that is not a problem)? thanks for your help
  2. If I can piggyback here, I will add that I'l giving up Evernote after 5 years just because my iPhone can't upgrade to iOS 11 and Evernote can't be installed on earlier versions. Millions of iPhones arund the world are in the same situation, I find it rude that the thousands of owners who used Evernote are left on the side of the road. Other softwares keep up downward compatibility, why didn't Evernote do the same?
  3. Hello, I have been running Evernote for 5 years, was very happy about it. Now I just got an iPhone 5c, which is not yet obsolete. I can't donwload Evernote because it requiests iOS 11, and 5c remains stuck with iOS 10 Many other apps keep functioning with iOS10, why does Evernote break up with a huge base of users (the number of iPhones that can't run under iOS 11 runs in millions, and they are not really obsolete)? Why do other apps still work? Can't Evernote do the same? As a consequence, I had to migrate to another app. What a strange way to treat your
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