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  1. Could you please allow us to zoom/size images as much as we want? Why is it that I can only zoom in to 100%? Often I want to be able to study some detail on the photo, even if it means pixilating the result.
  2. I see the same problem om my system - a couple of Evernote processes in the task manager and one of them running at 5-10% CPU. Apparently it has something to do with the note content, because the problem completely disappears when selecting a note with empty content ... and if I select a note with a decent amount of content, the CPU goes up again. After that I tried opening a couple of different notes in different windows. Now the process count goes up - one for each window - but all the processes idle at 0% CPU. What? Closing all the windows again and the CPU is still at 0%. Now I go back to the initial note and let that have focus aging - and - voila - the CPU goes up again.
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