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  1. I can't find any information about subscription pricing for OneNote itself so I'd appreciate any pointers to a pricing page. I'm not denying a feature disparity between Mac and Windows I'm just much more tolerant in case the software is offered for free.
  2. The problem is that the change to the extension system was announced months ago. A working replacement shouldn't be in the works at this point but well-tested and released. Unless - as I suspect - Evernote doesn't care about non-Chrome users but tries to extract a few subscriptions out of these users without having to invest too many development resources.
  3. I didn't phrase it clearly then: Microsoft doesn't take money for any of their futures in OneNote, so I'm a little bit more lenient when it comes to delays (although it shouldn't happen either for a company of that size). For Evernote I'm paying a yearly subscription so I expect a full feature set, independent wether it's part of the premium package or not (you'd probably not accept a broken note editor either just because it's part of the free version). Or at least Evernote could be transparent about the level of support they are willing to invest into platforms and browsers so I can make an informed decision wether to spend money for their software or not.
  4. Yeah, but Microsoft also doesn't take money from us in order to get the full feature set.
  5. Evernote knows web clipper's usage numbers and they probably show that most of their users are on Chrome and it's economically sensible to invest mostly into the Chrome extensions as you cover most of your users on all desktop platforms with this one (i.e. Windows, macOS, Linux). I'm just not cool with the apparent dishonesty regarding non-Chrome browsers (which includes Firefox) because it makes the impression that Evernote would like to get some of these subscription money with the least amount of effort (and they didn't even manage that with Safari 13).
  6. Upgrading was completely opt-in and the Reminders app showed a very specific warning about potential compatibility issues with devices not yet upgraded to the new format in iOS 13/macOS 10.15. Evernote really dropped the ball with this one. It was announced months ago that the old extension system would be dropped with Safari 13/Catalina and I would have expected a compatible version of web clipper alongside the macOS betas instead of rushing now in order to release *something*. Evernote should consider coming clean about their support for non-Chrome desktop browsers (which is pretty much non-existent) instead of keeping up this charade.
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