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  1. On 10/15/2020 at 3:48 AM, JohnC3829 said:

    Extreme lag when I type.  I also, was in the middle of typing a note ( a few paragraph), then the whole note just was missing a large portion of what I typed.  I then re-typed it and the same thing happened.  For the third time, I just switched to microsoft word.  I have been a paying evernote user for 9 years, now.  I have heard a lot of complaints.  I did not care.  I just though, it worked fine the way it was.  This version (so far) is totally unusable.   End of story.  I am shocked this version was released.  Total garbage, sorry to say....

    totally agree. long time premium user here and i love(d) the program. heard the complaints and thought meh.

    Evernote....get this fixed ASAP. you simply cannot release a new version that is a monumental step back from the basics. the lag time is ENTIRELY unacceptable (even writing on this cloud based forum is quicker!?). forget the loss of features..... if you can't type a note, then what is the actual point of evernote? fuming.

    Fuming. I have a week off work this week. Looks like i'll be spending half that time migrating to another system. TIme and money are precious these days and i am not parting with my hard earnerd cash for a rubbish system like this. update your cloud servers in the next day or two and all will be fine, but i'm guessing that as this rolls out you will lose loyal long-term customers in droves...by the end of the week.....

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