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  1. For the shortcut help menu: On my german keyboard I can launch this menu by STRG+#, instead of STRG+/.
  2. @jgvalcarcel1Yes it would be great if this would come back. I used that feature a lot. And: if the count of a tag in the favorits section is 0, then that tag disappears from the favorits section. Which breaks my work process. @Mike P Draging a tag from the side bar (favorits section) to a note (note list or not itself) seems not working.
  3. I added my vote too. PLUS please change: If you want to add a tag at the bottom, a tag #example is not found by typing example.
  4. If you remove one tag that is placed in the favorits-section from all notes (count = 0 ) then this tag disappears from the favorits-section. But when you add an "empty" tag to the favorits-section it stays there (empty = no note is tagged with that tag) . In my case I have put tags like monday, tuesday, ...., sunday in the favoits-section to assign notes to these days. On monday evening, the tag monday is empty and disappears from the favorits-section. But I don't want it to disappear... Other Thing: It would be great to be able to assign tags to notes by dragging the no
  5. At step 3 I can select the upper picture by using the mouse and then press enter .... May be it works for you.
  6. I agree with you, I was thinking the same. I prefer to have more space for favorits, ... I cannot understand why the EN Team were wasting so much space there.
  7. Agree. Please add the option to sort by location/notebook. Renaming tags should be possible via the tag-panel. By clicking on tags in the left panel, then right-click on the tag you want to rename. Pressing F2 should work too, but it doesn't.
  8. I agree. Having Tasks inline (with due dates) would be great. In OneNote you can display (open) tasks of a note (or a notebook, or all). I would be great having something like that in EN too.
  9. I agree with you. It is very annoying, that we cannot save PDFs as attachment as standard mode. But...I think, that will come back....
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