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  1. I wonder if it may be very difficult to give us the feature "sort by tags", "sort by notebooks" .... In my thinking Evernote just needs to copy some code from the already existig sort options to the other columns. Isn't that just copy and paste of some already existing code 🤔? And why didn't Evernote not invent all sort options right from the beginning 🤔? But I am not a programmer, may be it is much more difficult as I think, to implement the missing sort options... I need that function too. Overall, I am happy with ne new Evernote. It becomes better an better. But, I don
  2. My Evernote freezes several times a day. It happens after not using Evernot for a longer period. I then need to restart Evernote. Do your Evernote freeze too?
  3. I would be happy if we had the option to sort by "notebooks" .... Is there any known reason why it is not (yet) implement?
  4. For the shortcut help menu: On my german keyboard I can launch this menu by STRG+#, instead of STRG+/.
  5. @jgvalcarcel1Yes it would be great if this would come back. I used that feature a lot. And: if the count of a tag in the favorits section is 0, then that tag disappears from the favorits section. Which breaks my work process. @Mike P Draging a tag from the side bar (favorits section) to a note (note list or not itself) seems not working.
  6. I added my vote too. PLUS please change: If you want to add a tag at the bottom, a tag #example is not found by typing example.
  7. If you remove one tag that is placed in the favorits-section from all notes (count = 0 ) then this tag disappears from the favorits-section. But when you add an "empty" tag to the favorits-section it stays there (empty = no note is tagged with that tag) . In my case I have put tags like monday, tuesday, ...., sunday in the favoits-section to assign notes to these days. On monday evening, the tag monday is empty and disappears from the favorits-section. But I don't want it to disappear... Other Thing: It would be great to be able to assign tags to notes by dragging the no
  8. At step 3 I can select the upper picture by using the mouse and then press enter .... May be it works for you.
  9. I agree with you, I was thinking the same. I prefer to have more space for favorits, ... I cannot understand why the EN Team were wasting so much space there.
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