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  1. storing the note as an MS Word attachment is not a good option for me. I like using evernote for manuscript preparation because I can easily include new ideas and modifications very easily and everywhere in my cell phone, computer, tablet, etc. At the end I need to add some features, which evernote do not provide (EndNote citations, some special characters,..) that is why I need MS Word at the end.

  2. Hi,

    Would it be possible to implement a feature enabling export of notes to Microsoft Office format (.docx)? I am working quite frequently on manuscripts in Evernote and in the end I need to transform the note to MS Word document. Copy-Paste approach doesn't work well since it do not transfer all features (e.g. highlight) in the way to be editable in Word. I am sure that I am not the only one who would appreciate such feature.

    Thanks for any response.


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  3. I have a problem seeing well the highlight color in my notes. The faint orange is not distinct enough or may be I have a low color-sensitivity sight. I would greatly appreciate a possibility to choose color of the highlight. Not only to select the most distinct color, but sometimes it would be advantageous to highlight different things with different colors. I understand that evernote intends to have simple and uncluttered toolbar. In such case why not placing the "highligh color" selection in the "Options" menu. May be, I have missed something, but I was looking for such setting and didn't find.

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