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  1. macOS, same issue. This update has been a train wreck. Even beta versions aren't this unreliable...
  2. For a couple years now, it's been impossible to disable the printing of note titles when printing to PDF. Why? Who knows; Evernote support and development work in mysterious ways. My workaround has always been to temporarily delete the title, print to PDF, replace the title. But for the past six months or so, when I delete the title, Evernote insists on printing with "Untitled" at the top of the page. Anyone know how to get around this nonsense? Is there some hidden setting I'm blind to?* At the moment, I'm stuck pasting text into textedit and printing from there. Mac, High Sierra, Evernote version 7.2.2 *And yes, we all know the "print headers" button is an option in the print menu. We also know it does NOT apply to titles, so advice other than toggling that box is appreciated.
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