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  1. I used to use Microsoft Word for this purpose, it will automatically capitalize the start of a new sentence, or the beginning of a bullet point. If I remember correctly, you should be able to copy what you have written in Word, and paste it into Evernote, and it will keep the capitalization. Although Microsoft Word is a different application, it may be something you use already. If you don't use it now, there's a good chance your school provides free downloads of Office 365. Or, you could use Google docs, which also auto-capitalizes, and it isn't really an application. Good luck! Let me know if what I wrote didn't make sense.
  2. I was annoyed by this same feature. I believe I have read in other threads that there's currently no way to turn this off. The work-around I use is to right-click on the pdf and open it with a pdf viewer. My default pdf viewer is normally Chrome, but it has that exact same issue, so currently I use the free version of "PDF X-Change Editor." I do this for med school, because all my pdf's are 40+ pages, and I like using a split-screen to copy text from the pdf and paste it into an EN note or Word doc, and those icons are super disruptive when trying to go back and forth rapidly. I'm pretty sure Adobe pdf programs would work for this as well, but they might not be free, can't remember! PDF X-Change Editor is fantastic, though. So this is kind of an extra step, but maybe it could work for you. Good luck! P.S. If you use this approach, there's one problem that might come up with the current version of EN: If you use the EN clipper tool to add pdf's, when you go to right-click the pdf to open it, your chosen pdf viewer might not show up as an option. If this happens, the work-around is to download the pdf, and drag it into EN.
  3. Thanks Rav! I did try both of those methods for locating the problematic note, and nothing showed up. Thankfully, I have resolved the issue now though, ironically enough. In case anyone is reading this post in the future, this is what finally worked: 1. Export all notes to a removable storage device. For me, I only had a problem on the Window's devices, so I used my friend's Mac to create the backup file. 2. Delete everything from EN online, including emptying the trash (I didn't delete from the app, because it wouldn't sync anyway). 3. Delete the EN database stored on your computer, and reinstall EN (there are several threads that explain how to do this). 4. EN creates a new database on your computer, now with zero notes. 5. Insert backup device and import notes. 6. You will need to recreate your notebooks, but at least the notes should be there. I don't use tags, but they should be fine, because when you import/export, you are always asked if you want to include tags. Well that was satisfying, hopefully I won't need to do this again. Thanks again Rav for reaching out. I would never have figured this out without folks like you posting stuff on these forums. I really appreciate it. Windows 10 EN version 20:20:24 [INFO ] [8588] [3944] Client synchronization finished, status: complete
  4. Hello, I am wondering if anyone can help with this: I am using the current version of EN for Windows 10 (premium), and have been unable to sync notes for several days. The sync button in the app has a red exclamation on it. Otherwise there have been no error messages. When I click sync, it spins for a few seconds, and then stops. Please see the activity log below. I am able to sync EN to my Apple devices. Here is what I have tried (in no particular order): 1. Made sure I'm connected to the internet. 2. Emptied the trash. 3. Restarted computer. 4. Reinstalled EN. 5. Exported all files, deleted all EN notes on my Windows system, and imported the notes back in. They are all visible in the app, but they won't sync. My original notes are all still available on EN online. 6. Tried "ctrl+sync" and no notes showed up. 7. Checked EN status to make sure it wasn't on their end (again, this has been going on for several days). 8. Submitted ticket for support, not sure how Evernote is operating currently due to the coronavirus, but I am waiting for a response. 9. EN support chat seems to be unavailable. 10. Checked EN online, all of my notes are there, except for the ones I was working on after EN stopped syncing. 11. Tried "fix all notes" and "optimize database," just to be thorough. I am wondering if I should completely purge all EN files from my computer, reinstall EN, and then import the notes? Does this look like an issue with colliding notes, and if so, how would I find them? I apologize if this has been answered before, I haven't found any other posts relating to this problem that suggest anything I haven't tried by now. Thanks so much for any help/suggestions. Stay safe! 16:21:03 [INFO ] [6352] [10992] 9% Retrieving resource, total size=6659376 16:21:03 [INFO ] [6352] [10992] 9% * guid={1a6ecd6e-7b88-437e-9ea5-8e158c6f6f3a} 16:21:03 [INFO ] [6352] [10992] 9% * note={d830bc51-495a-40ed-ac93-bd88f4a9d527} 16:21:03 [INFO ] [6352] [10992] 9% * resource data, size=6659376 16:21:03 [INFO ] [6352] [8680] 11% Submitting a batch of 7 note calls, size=6.2 MB 16:21:04 [ERROR ] [6352] [8680] 11% EDAMSystemException: errorCode=INTERNAL_ERROR message="0e4c89d1d8fa3f01bb270864d3aa04e0" 16:21:04 [INFO ] [6352] [10992] 11% Submitting a batch of 12 note calls, size=8.9 MB 16:21:05 [ERROR ] [6352] [10992] 11% EDAMSystemException: errorCode=INTERNAL_ERROR message="06d550990b3f75c3c9b1a6b1cbf9ae6c" 16:21:05 [INFO ] [6352] [8744] Client synchronization finished, status: failed 16:21:05 [INFO ] [6352] [8744] * elapsed time: 3s
  5. I have had this same problem with the current version, as well as the previous version of Evernote. My experience with this issue has only been with pdfs, I don't annotate images. I agree that it did seem to show up somewhere around version 6.16 If it helps, I have been using this older version of Evernote while awaiting new updates, and it does not have the issue: https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/114910-evernote-for-windows-613-ga/?page=0#comment-510273
  6. Interesting, this didn't work for me. Customer service wasn't able to figure out the cause of the problem, but I gave them all the info, activity log, etc. and hopefully they will have a fix in the next update. Ultimately I switched back to the old version of Evernote and the problem disappeared. It took a bit of hunting to find it, so I am attaching the link to the release post for the version that works. Best of luck.
  7. An update: I have found a workaround that seems to work: Once you have the pdf in Evernote, before you start annotating, right-click the pdf and choose "save as." Save the file to a location on your computer, then sync Evernote for good measure. For whatever reason, I haven't had this problem since trying this. My hope is that this will hold me over until the next Evernote update.
  8. Hello, I am having the same issue. It started when I updated to the current version of Evernote. I am using Windows 10, I only use Evernote one my Windows computer. Personally, I have tried looking for the pdfs on Evernote.com, and they are missing there. It happens when I have been annotating a pdf for about 30 minutes, when I save and exit the annotation window, only the title of my note remains, and there is only a blank, "new" note. I have reinstalled Evernote, restarted my computer, and tried copying the pdf I want to work with into a new note, followed by deleting the original from Evernote, emptying the trash, and syncing before attempting to annotate again. This happens both with the webclipper and when dragging a pdf from my desktop into the application. Also, when I go to retrieve older versions of the note under "history," the pdf is missing from there as well. I am certainly stumped!
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