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  1. Yeah, the new version has appeared in Play store for me, too, and the bug is fixed. Hooray!

    Thank you, to everyone who persisted with Evernote tech support.

    A footnote: I'm a new user of Evernote, and I've really been enjoying it; indeed, I'm starting to find it indispensable. And at this point, with any product, I start to think that I want to support it, as well as use it, and I'm willing to take out a subscription, pay for more features, whatever. But the refusal of Evernote to communicate, as described by some users here, makes me think again. Your tech support/customer service shouldn't leave customers wondering what on earth is happening. (I also notice that the first review in Play store, right now, is someone who has just swapped from iOS to Android, downloaded 8.5.1 and is disappointed that the annotate feature isn't present. This guy has no idea that it was a bug - he thinks it's something that isn't present in Android. So Evernote might want to think about a better communication strategy all-round.)

  2. Hi, hope someone can help with this.

    I'm using Android 7 on a Galaxy S6. Evernote 8.5.1. 

    I can no longer annotate an image in Evernote. I press the image; the menu comes up; I click annotate. The menu then vanishes, and the image is back but without the annotation options. They seem to have just vanished.

    I've restarted the device and deleted/reinstalled Evernote. No effect.


    Anyone else having this issue? Anyone have a solution?


    Thanks for your help!


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