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  1. I too had this happen. Everything going fine and then I got the message that I had been signed out. It would not allow me to sign back in, just kept saying I had a bad internet connection. My workaround was to uninstall Evernote and cancel both Premium subscriptions. There's far too many problems these days and losing a gigabyte of cellular downloaded data was the final straw for me.
  2. I'm using the tablet sort of as a spare system in a spare room. With a large monitor it's decent and with a BT mouse and keyboard most things are possible. Just not keyboard shortcuts I guess. I put the date/time into notes perhaps a few times a day and at 16 keystrokes each time that adds up. Why over the span of a few years I might waste as much as 2 or three minutes! Seriously though, it's no big deal. I'm using a Logitech K480 BT keyboard (it has a slot to hold tablets) and since it has the regular Windows keys I thought there might be a way to save all that time by using shortcuts. Thanks for all the replies.
  3. I was trying to create a note on my tablet (Samsung S6) using an external keyboard and found that other than cut/paste and a few system-wide commands, the usual Evernote shortcuts don't seem to work. What I tried was to insert the full date/time. I'm used to Alt-Shift-D doing this but that doesn't do anything here. I tried searching the forum for a list of shortcut keys but that came up empty. Is there a list somewhere?
  4. "Need" is the word I use. I had both a "Premium" (as OrbWeaver) and a "Plus" account (this one) and my eyesight has made it impossible to read Evernote's bright screen. Thus I had to cancel my Premium account as well as my Plus account. I'm now using OneNote in a limited way (their sync can take minutes vs. Evernote's seconds) and while I always preferred Evernote, I just can't use it these days. I'll be checking the status of "Dark Mode" every few months and may return to EN, but for now, EN has lost my two accounts.
  5. Me too, but don't hold your breath waiting for a "Dark Mode" in Evernote. From reading other postings, Windows is such a small part of the Evernote user base that it's not worth the effort required to implement this. If you only need to use it occasionally, and don't need a reliable sync, OneNote has a dark mode if you subscribe to Office 365. It seems to work/sync only about half the time but it's easy on the eyes when it does.
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