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  1. This is a very small thing, but why, when I create a new note, does the curser default in the note field? Why not just have it start on the Title so I can immediately give my new note a Title? These are the simple little things that Evernote does that I just don't get. Like, why is the "new notebook" link hidden all the way on the right corner. What is the resistance to having "new notebook" clearly listed next to "new note". Why on earth do you make this hard to find?????????
  2. When using Evernote on Chrome, the interface lists notebooks on the left and there is a note search field at the top. I have a long list of notebooks, and I would like to be able to just type in the notebook name in the field (not a note but a notebook). It seems like a small thing, but it scrolling through all the notebooks to find the right one seems silly when there could just be a search field right there.
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