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  1. Hello I am using evernote premium. i love it but i want to make sure im using it the best way i can. I have watched all youtube and read all tutorial articles, and quite a few blogs. My business does not match any of what most people use it for(ie students researchers, projects, office people) so i am willing to pay for someones time to help me . My business is a Pet grooming & grooming distribution. we have both brick and mortar and online . My typical uses right now are for keeping track of conversations with customers that contact me through, email/facebook messenger(personal) facebook page manager/ text . i will often screen shot it and quickly make myself a note. comes in handy when you have people contacting you at 6am- midnight. I also keep track of to-do for both business, personal, things to restock, repair list(stuff we sold), contact when stock arrives(cust waiting for somthing), marketing ideas, people to send thankyou/sample to (screenshot of them promoting us online) I would LOVE to use it for my "cost of goods" which currently are paper folders that i refer to when trying to source goods at better prices. i currently use tags, and notebooks, and subfolders, i just want some help to be as organized asi can. i will continue reading here, but it doesnt always seem to apply to me. thak you very much in advance. if anyone wants to take on this job please contact me itzaclip@gmail.com
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