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  1. Yes i can open/nested Project Drone Contractors. As you can see this in the list. However as mentioned before, others are missing like the mentioned. Project LTH. Not seen in the list to the Left or in the list to the Right, However you will notice that it does exist when doing a search. And doing a search to those files within Project LTH is also found.
  2. Note in the screenshot below. Some tags are missing in both panel view and tag view. Looking at the Project tag. 11 projects in brackets but only 6 seen. If the search view you can see some of these missing tags. These missing tags are not found anywhere under any other tag sub group Also for example If i click on ProjectLTH(a missing tag) then it doesn't appear(not seen). However i can do a search and find/edit some of those files again within ProjectLTH. In these files they do also show ProjectLTH connected as a tag Any idea how to fix this? Thi
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