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  1. Notified on their phone app -- I believe Android. They used to receive the Evernotes just fine. Something on Evernote's end has changed. Thank you for the link.
  2. The individual's address is correct, they used to receive the evernotes until two or three weeks ago. The Evernote app notifies them that the note has been shared, but when they open the app there is nothing there.
  3. Hello, I'm sharing an Evernote to two individuals. The first receives the emails without issue. The second doesn't. Although there appears to be no issue with the sharing, when I click to view permissions (upper right hand corner) the status of the second is "pending". When I click "pending" I have two options: Share Again Remove Access When I "Share Again" it again appears to work "Shared note with XXXXXXX"...but the "pending" status doesn't change. Suggestions? James
  4. Hi all, When logging into and using Evernote with Chrome, my entire computer is freezing unresponsive. Powering off is the only way to proceed. This has occurred three times in the last 45 minutes. I tried clearing the cache but ended up with the same outcome. suggestions appreciated! Windows 10, HP envy.
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