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  1. Hi, Debbie Ngo! You can import Evernote Export files (.enex files) to Notes on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Each .enex file can include one or many notes. When you import an .enex file, each note from Evernote will be converted to a new note in Notes. Before you import to your Notes app, send yourself the .enex file via email or save it to iCloud Drive from your computer. Open the Files app and go to the file that you want to import to Notes. If you're using iOS 10 or iOS 9, open the iCloud Drive app. Touch and hold the file, then choose Share > Add to Notes. After your file downloads, you can add it to an existing note or a new one. Tap Save. When you open the Notes app and select your iCloud notes, you'll see a new folder called Imported Notes. If you're not using Notes with iCloud, you see the new folder in the On My Device notes. If you don't use iCloud and you don't have On My Device available, you get an alert when you tap Add to Notes. Best Regards, Daisy R. from DoMyWriting!
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