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  1. Thanks for your explanation. I know how a firewall works. I work over 20 years in computer science. Evernote using e*.akamaiedge.net as hosting provider over Standard Port 443. The Host and the provider ist not blocked by the firewall. The Problem ist that this Evernote App using pinned certifcates and this not working when the company using https ssl interception. If you not know this technology google it. It would be enaugh if Evernote App would just look if x509 Certificate is valid and not use pinned cert on it. (like the most application do).
  2. I think we have different meaning of the word "working". The firewall is not blocking the request. Im happy that you try to help people but your posts are useless. The request is getting reencrypted from a trusted CA. This is nothing new and there are no issue with that on other products. Of course a VPN Connection would work but this is a workarround for a bug. If you search in this forum you will find many evernote customer like me with the same issue. This is something that a product should can handle. Most of the guys behind a corporate firewall with ssl interception (like me currently) here still using the legacy version of evernote which is working well.
  3. Its a bug because Im behind coroprate firewall with ssl interception and this is not working for almost 1 year....
  4. Tryed with the latest version. Still not working. WebLogin works but I want also to use the native client!!! Evernote Developer plz fix this issue!
  5. If the new plan is more expensive then the current I will left evernote. Anyway not like the way Evernote go (cloud client instead of native).
  6. Any update on this? Looks like an real issue. Also have to use old version. Got this problem with the new 10er Version over month. Not working behind corporate proxy. Please Evernote Fix this issue!
  7. can't believe that there is no replace function. , I came from windows, and this this mac client should be enhanced as soon as possible! When I rode some posting here this seems to be an important feature for many customer. I love evernote, so please add this :-)...
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