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  1. Thank you for providing me with the Support link @gazumped I agree - if it was a frequent problem it would probably have been fixed long ago. It might be a problem with only one specific (and quite large) note. I'll report it to Support and hope they find out why, and can fix it. 🙂 Cheers, E
  2. Evernote is updated quite frequently, but I couldn't care less about all the new features - I just want to have fixed the bug that causes an evernote.exe process to always takes 30% of my CPU soon after I start using it. Am tired of the frequent freezes this causes, and having to endure the fan noise just because of Evernote. Getting ready to migrate to OneNote over this... 😞 Miss the time when Evernote was a quick and small and stable app on Windows! Regards, Espen
  3. Same problem here. Running latest version. Please fix - I've started quitting Evernote after each use to not be bothered by the noise from the fan! ?
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